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About Me

Xuan Xu is a German-Chinese Artist and Experiential Designer focusing on producing immersive experiences with her know-how in the luxury hospitality and Food&Beverage industry. In the past nine years, she has delivered various projects of luxury experiences in Southeast Asia (Accor Group, LMVH/Belmond, Kempinski, Minor Group). Her company is currently based in Bangkok. In 2022 she started her expansion back to Europe, where she grew up, and plans to enter the US market in 2023.


Xuan started her profession as a business consultant in Germany. While working on a consulting project in Bangkok in 2014, she changed her career path in the creative industry to follow her calling for art and design. 

Sing SingGroup Performer _18-5-16_Adusted-LIghter_10_edited.jpg

In 2015 Xuan joined Sing Sing Theater in Bangkok during the pre-opening phase. She was a founding team member and laid the foundation of the brand image through her role as the Art Director. In addition, she was in charge of original entertainment productions and PR communication. After 15 months, she founded her company Xuan Xu Co., Ltd, in 2017. to obtain independent artistic freedom to produce innovative, memorable, and meaningful experiences. 


Xuan has conducted diverse projects with artists specialising in different disciplines such as interior, lighting, fashion & media design, and music & video production. Having her academic background in brand management, building a sustainable brand for each project is her guiding objective. She curates artists and artisans practicing unique craftsmanship and form teams with fresh talents for the demand of each project. 

She is the visionary and the creative head in the role of the "conductor" to orchestrate the teams to deliver one consistent vision. With brand communication as her core competency and 12 years of work experience, she uses storytelling and brand strategy as her project's strength and steering wheel.

Her artistic upbringing in her family has majorly influenced her works. Her mother was a Beijing Opera actress, and her father a Chinese Wu Shu master who played martial arts movies in the 80s. As she grew up in German and Chinese culture, her creative mission is to combine the East and West elements into contemporary and innovative art pieces that serve a globalised audience. 


Xuan Xu obtained her bachelor's degree in Marketing Communication, master's degree in Brand Management & Creative Communication, and PR consultancy at University Pforzheim, Germany. In 2022 she attended a summer school program at Instituto Marangoni Milan and received her certificate in Fashion Design.


After COVID-19 relaxation, she traveled to New York, Paris, and Milan, the pioneer market for experiences in F&B, Retail, Design, and Fashion, to survey the latest trend and study successful concepts. In 2023 she is returning to experiential design with her complete dedication and confidence to continue producing immersive experiences in Asia and expanding to Europe. Again, she made it to her mission to create what the audience has never experienced.

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